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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 to all in advance. So, Guess this is almost the end of 2014 but few more days are still left. Let us make your last chapter of 2014 a fulfilled one. The #BestGift in Life will never be found under a #ChristmasTree, those gifts are #friends, #family, kids and the one you #Love. We are sure that this …

Say Thanks

Say Thanks

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  Well, Not to me. Now, you can SAY THANKS to your as many friends as you can with the help of newly launched web application by Facebook, “SAY THANKS”. This new Facebook app is so easy to use and within a few click you can make one-minute video. ASK HOW?? Follow these two simple steps: 1. Log on to …

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Purple Love Chemistr

Best Ever Gift For Real Men

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Finding a perfect gift for men has always been a difficult task. Don’t you agree? However, after taking days of thoughts, we land up gifting common gifts like men’s perfume, body spray, wallet, ashtray, and tie and so on… The main motive of ours is to “Make your precious moment, EXTRA SUPER-SPECIAL” through our every unique gift ideas in all …

admaBest Ever Gift For Real Men

Care Tip for Lucky Bamboo Plant

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We have been getting queries regarding how to care Lucky Plant by our customers. So we thought of writing an article to help them. Lucky Bamboo Plant is said to give luck to one who receives it. Bamboo is the symbol of luck and success because of its rapid growth, strength and fortitude.  These tough stalks can survive in vases …

AdmaCare Tip for Lucky Bamboo Plant

Making of Special Tihar Masala

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Tihar also known as “Deepawali” is one of the main Festival of Nepal which is celebrated for 5 days so it is also called “Yama Panchak”. Tihar is the festival of lights, firecrackers and bonding between brothers and sisters. The capital city Kathmandu’s street is full of bright lights and crowded with people busy buying the necessary items for celebrating …

admaMaking of Special Tihar Masala

Lucky Bamboo Plant: A Sincere Gift

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The quality of Gifts Depends Upon the Sincerity of the Giver Lucky Bamboo Plant , according to the Ancient art of Feng Shui, the bamboo is filled with peace and wise full energy. The meaning of lucky bamboo plays an important role as a living example of the feng shui elements of wood, earth, water, fire,  and earth. It can …

AdmaLucky Bamboo Plant: A Sincere Gift


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Dashain is the biggest festival of all the Nepali and Hindus. The first day of the biggest festival – DASHAIN, i.e. Ghatathapana is the planting day of JAMARA celebrated till the tenth day – TIKA. This is the time to celebrate together with the family. Everyone must be in the mood to celebrate the Festive Season. We can see this daily scene in our neighborhood – …


Pamper Your Girl

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She may be your Beautiful Love, She may be your Caring Mother, She may be your Loving Sister, She may be your Dear Aunt, She may be your Best Friend……..!!!!

admaPamper Your Girl

Special Birthday Gifts

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Every ones in a year, we all celebrate a very special day, that special day is when we were born, we call it Birthday. Birthday celebration is done to mark that day when a child took birth to a family and brought joy to them. Child birth brings joy and happiness in family. It changes whole environment of the family. …

AdmaSpecial Birthday Gifts


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When it comes to occasions, greeting cards are the most common way to wish people giving them personalized messages. Whether it is a birthday, father’s day, friendship day, valentine day, new year’s  or a simply another occasion, greeting cards are the popular for giving warm messages along with some gifts. So, with other gifts, greeting cards are just complementary. Greeting …