Spread Happiness On August 3

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“Friendship picks you up when the world lets you down.”

So, what are your plans to make your friends feel the most special in this friendship day?

Friends are the time keepers and stars

Friends are the time keepers and stars

Good Friends are like the stars. You don’t see them but you know that they are always there. Just like the cold wind blows, friends are the ones who always refresh and re-energize our life. Who wouldn’t agree to this?

True Friendship is the greatest gift that you can give to someone and also treasure it for the lifetime. Selflessly, they will be there in every battle of your life and of course to cheer you up, every time your face frowns.

“Life’s truest happiness is found in the friendship we make along the way.”

Tomorrow is such a special day for each being on this planet. For who, would not have a single friend in this world. Now, it depends on how keen are you to make the best out of this day. If you ask me, I am going to dig deep down my thoughts and experience and pour out the ideas that you can even try out:

What can you do for HIM?

He can be your most caring father, naughty brother, handsome husband, sweet uncle, old classmate, hunk boyfriend, intelligent colleague and so on. It has always been the difficult time for choosing a perfect gift for him.

  • Develop the CHILDHOOD PICTURE of him, without even giving him a clue, frame it and gift him.
  • Prepare his FAVORITE DISH, no matter how bad cook you turn out to be.
  • Instead of going to a 5-star Hotel, go on a LONG DRIVE and spend the whole day with him.
  • A tight HUG and a big SMILE throughout the day will definitely make him feel AWESOME.
  • If you are an ARTIST or a MUSICIAN or something that you are really good at- Give one BEST PIECE from your collection especially for him.
  • Open a BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE and enjoy the chat recalling the old good memories.
Collection of Gifts That You Can Give

Collection of Gifts That You Can Give

What can you do for HER?

She can be your beautiful mother, sweetest sister, lovely wife, supportive aunt, cute girlfriend and so on. This is the easy choice that anybody can make but trust me it’s the most difficult the other way. Somebody has rightly said –“Girls are difficult to handle with”.

  • HUGE TEDDY bear is what they love the most.
  • Fresh FLOWERS with the box of CHOCOLATES.
  • Go for SHOPPING the whole day with her.
  • Pick up the BEST DRESS of her favorite brand.
  • Take her for WATCHING her favorite actor MOVIE.
  • Try out the RELAXING SPA in the most popular salon.
  • If she is a food freak, take her to the BEST RESTAURANT in the town, instead of trying out your hands.
  • Plan a SURPRISE PARTY with your closest friends and invite her specially.

Luckiest are the ones whose best friends are their life partners. As quoted by Friedrich Nietzsche- “It is not the lack of love but it is the lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages”. In our lifetime, we make 100’s of friends when we are young but as we grow old, we come to know the true friends.

For those whose friends are far away from them, you can call your dear ones so that they get totally surprised and them know what place they take in your after even after years being away.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Plan a surprising program for your loved ones which they could never imagine of.


True Friends are the ones who knows you better than yourself,

You don’t have to lie, you don’t have to pretend,

Just be yourself and they will always accept.

In every gloomy day, they bring light,

Never leave you alone and always keep by their side.

They are ready to stick with you till the end,

And never let go off you from their hands.

 “We are happy, when we see our close ones happy too.”

Spread Happiness…

A Very Happy Friendship Day to All!!

admaSpread Happiness On August 3