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This life is a gift to us from our parents and God.

There is so much to give to others and make a tiny little deposits in our emotional banks. Happiness is the real purpose behind everything we do. Children study hard to make their parents feel proud of them. Adults toil day and night to make a good career and have a status in society. Our parents, they do everything for us to keep us always happy.

In every human act, there is a purpose. And that purpose is  happiness. As John Lennon as Quoted

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.

And, real happiness lies in giving than in taking.

Sometimes the perfect gift is a cheerful smile

Sometimes the perfect gift is a cheerful smile

In our busy day, every one is engaged with daily chores. We love our family, friends, cousins and our closed ones. It is implicit but, sometimes, loving is just not enough. We know that they are always there in our lives and they will continue to be.

Just a minute… And think how your life would be if these people are not there in your life. Can you imagine your life without them? I am sure it would be hell painful to even think about it. Hence, we also need to show our love and care for them.


For this perfect reason, Gifts have been created; One of the most wonderful ways to celebrate life.

Usually people have a misconception that gifts are meant for certain occasions and  for certain ages only. But it is not so and it needs to get corrected . Just pick up any day out of 365 days of a year, select one perfect gift, and give your granny a surprise visit and see how happy your granny would be in her old age seeing her granddaughter/son. After this, you will get what I meant to correct about people’s misconception.

Gifts doesn’t need to expensive, it just needs to touch hearts. So, Gift your loved ones, not just any expensive gift rather choose such a piece that touch their heart and make them smile with all the joys. So, selecting a perfect gift can be a difficult at times but don’t worry there are lot choices of gifts and even many occasions that you can choose to gift the right gift at the right time.

In Nepal, Father’s Day is just around the corner- Just 9 more days to come. We, Nepalese are so rich in culture that we have different occasions ones every week and you can make the best use of these moments to let your loves ones feel most special.

A Father is You Look Up To No matter How Tall You Grow

A Father is You Look Up To No matter How Tall You Grow

Please don’t have the misconception again, only the daughters should gift. Why can’t a son also gift their father?

To make it easier, I would be suggesting one idea every day, you may choose to gift it to the right person you would like to. And, today I have a pleasing piece of art made by our junior artist, LIMA. She has beautifully portrayed the passion of pure love through her art.

Poster Painting Lima

A painting perfect for giving the gift. Dimesion: 28.5cm X 40cm