Irresistible Homemade Chocolates

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Chocolates are the best friend of every child. They find unexpected happiness when they get a box full of chocolates.

“Chocolate makes everything better.” Girls would forget love and rather fall for chocolate. They are happy when they have it, also feed on them to erase their sorrows. I remember a funny joke about the height of chocolate magnetism of girls:

A man is walking down the beach and comes across an old bottle. He picks it up, pulls out the cork and out pops a genie. The genie says “Thank you for freeing me from the bottle. In return I will grant you three wishes.”
The man says “Great. I always dreamed of this and I know exactly what I want. First, I want 1 Billion dollars in a Swiss bank account.”
Phoof! There is a flash of light and a piece of paper with account numbers appears in his hand. He continues, “Next, I want a brand new red Ferrari right here.”
Phoof! There is a flash of light and abright red brand-new Ferrari appears right next to him. He continues, “Finally, I want to be irresistible to women.”
Phoof! There is a flash of light and he turns into a box of chocolates

“There is no need to wait for no special occasions to buy chocolate and gift.” Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, achievements, friendship day, Valentine’s day, Christmas day and so on are some of the occasions where no one misses out the chocolates.

Traditionally, people have Mathai’s as Gulag, Lalmoon, Peda, Barfi, Ladhu, Jeri etc.  At present, the gesture has little changed, this generation loves chocolate. What’s not to love about chocolate? When you are upset, what do you do? You grab chocolate. Without any reason, a friend gifts another friend just to lift his/her low spirits and make his/her happy. A caring sister buys the yummy chocolate for her brothers and sisters. The happy father makes their kids face smiling buying the best chocolates from the famous store of the town. Not just children have the craze for chocolates but even the adults enjoy the sweetness of it. There are also some health benefits of consuming chocolates.

Heart in box full of chocolates

Heart in box full of chocolates

When the whole world finds simple and big pleasure in chocolates then how do you guys prefer to purchase one?

Have you guys tried to buy the homemade chocolates? If not, you must. Anyone can buy and gift a dailymilk chocolate which can be easily found on local stores. But only few people will think of hunting down the places where homemade chocolates are made to get chocolates. These chocolates are great in taste and once you have taste of it you would love to buy again and again. And there is no need of worrying of the chocolate being stale or expired, it is fresh and we have to pre-order it.

Chocolates the free truffle

Chocolates the free truffle

Don’t you feel sweet when someone gifts you the homemade chocolates on your weekend? Certainly, you would be overwhelmed by the gift. You could brag this with yours friends too. Chocolates can be a great gift anytime and when it’s box full of Homemade chocolates it’s even better.

So, Want to taste the homemade chocolates from ADMA?

We have chocolates made of Almond, Hazelnut, Butter Scotch, Chocolate, Milk and more… You can pre-order your chocolate with any flavor of you choice. For ordering, please visit our Facebook page.

“Investing for happiness is only the thing that is never a fail.”


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