Every Day Is a Miracle

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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.”  – Albert Einstein

Everything around us that we have or see is a miracle. God has gifted us with the most beautiful thing in the world that is our life, the ability to love others and most importantly he has given the power to choose, what to believe and what not you. It’s up to us whether to believe god exists or not and to believe it or not whether every day is a miracle. For this I choose to believe every day is a miracle rather than not to.

I, writing this article is itself a miracle. Our universe is 3.82 billion years old, and we humans have existed only for about 20 million years.  There are millions of starts in our universe and until now the existence of life is found only on Earth. We don’t know how many planets are inside and outside our universe where there is the existence of life. But the cases of existence of life would be rare and it would be a miracle to find an existence of intelligent species like humans. So our planet is a very special, it contains just right amount of everything that we need for us to survive.

“… it seems remarkable that the universe is so finely tuned. Maybe this is evidence, that the universe was specially designed to produce the human race” – Steven Hawkings

When you look back into your life, you will find every day is really a miracle, it is just a matter of how you perceive it. You can see a glass half full or half empty.  It’s the matter how you look at your life, though which lenses you see the world around you. Witnessing a child birth, a new life coming out of womb a mother is a miracle. You will have to ask the mother whether it is a miracle or not.  There is miracle happening every single day, you just need to open your eyes be grateful for this life. There is miracle in life, love, nature, and every enzyme of your body. There is such a majestic beauty in nature for those who see this magic and dwell in nature, capturing those moments though those jaw dropping photographs.  To see miracles in nature, we need to appreciate the beauty of nature. A miracle is when Lance Armstrong came back fighting from cancer winning his first of seven Tour de Frances titles.  A miracle is when boy donates all of his money from piggybank to help flood victims. A Miracle is when you could bring smile to an aching heart after reading this article.


“It’s a miracle I was able to get out of the house today. It’s a miracle I’m even wearing pants, a double miracle I remembered to wear shoes.” –  Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Life is a miracle, don’t let it slip away

Gift yourself something

Cuz you are the most beautiful person you will ever meet.

Open your eyes to see the beauty on others

Extend your arms to welcome others

Don’t judge, some might have a hard time,

They might just need a friend and ear that would listen

Share your love, as it grows more when shared

Let there be no room for hatred

Listen to your heart and do things that you dream of

Keep your dream alive

Pick a bouquet of flowers

And give someone you love to show your care

Life may not be fair but be gracious and forgiving

See Miracles in Every Moments

Always Decorating Moments Alive – ADMA

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A personalized quote book to remind you the miracle of life

A personalized quote book to remind you the miracle of life



AdmaEvery Day Is a Miracle