Special Birthday Gifts

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Every ones in a year, we all celebrate a very special day, that special day is when we were born, we call it Birthday.

Birthday celebration is done to mark that day when a child took birth to a family and brought joy to them. Child birth brings joy and happiness in family. It changes whole environment of the family. So, birthday celebration is a silent prayer to the god for bringing happiness, innocence in the family. Even there is no national holiday for our birthdays, but still this day is so special.

And we should be happy, even though we add 1 more year to the birthday count, reminding we are getting older. No matter what the day is only for the birthday person. Birthdays are special for everyone and especially for kids, they love birthdays because of pampers, gifts, celebration, birthday cakes and many more. They are happiest on this very day. And, as the ages pass by the joy of birthday celebration fades away slowly, as we specially see in guys.

Birthdays are the only one day dedicated to the birthday person. On birthday, you can make someone feel really special, and let him/her know that he/she is very important to you. That kind of feeling can enlighten the joy of birthdays. And it’s very difficult to make the birthday special.


First thing, it should be a total surprise plan. Secondly, select a right gift which should be meaningful and heart touching to that person. That would be the best and perfect gift, but finding such gifts takes a lot of your efforts. But don’t worry, we would make this little easy for you. We have different unique gift  items available in our stock that can make up a perfect gift on birthdays.

Personalized Printed Mugs

Personalized mugs are great gifts, you can print the design of your choice on the mug and pictures that you would like the birthday person to see every morning while having a cup of coffee. You can also give heat sensitive magic mug, where the photo can only be seen when something hot is poured onto it.

Personalized Photo Mug with design of your choice for Birthday

Personalized Photo Mugs with design of your choice

Personalized Heat Sensitive Mugs

Personalized Heat Sensitive Mugs

Personalized Sharpie Mugs

Another thing that you can do with mugs is, scribble, and design in Mug with a Sharpie. It look great and you can even write your own words, design, on the mug which might not be possible with others.

A Sharpie Mug - Designed with a Shapie Marker

A Sharpie Mug – Designed with a Sharpie Marker

Personalized Badges

You can try out Badges where you could print the photo and write something like “Best Friend”, “#1 Friend”. That would look very cool and will surely bring a big smile on his/her face.

A personalized badge. You can't print anything

A personalized badge. You can print anything on it.

Personalized Cushions

Even, you can give a personalized cushion with customized designs, may be photo of you two, which could be a reminder of the great period. This could mean a lot to the birthday person.

Personalized Cushions - Print any designs you like

Personalized Cushions – Print any designs you like.

Handmade Greeting Cards

Greeting card are best when it’s  handmade and personalized. Rather than printed greeting cards why not a scrap book journal or handmade greetings for the most loved birthday person.

Hand Made Gift Cards

A Hand Made Greeting Card

Sweet turned 18 Hand made gift cards

Sweet turned 18 Hand Made Birthday Card

Love Capsules

Unlike in movies, love capsules are not just for couples. To show how much special the other person is, just write some small messages, quotes, in a paper and drop it in a love capsule.

A Love Capsule - A Capsule Every Day Bring a Curve Line On The Face

A Love Capsule – A Capsule A Day, Brings a Curve Line On The Face.

Wall Hanging Oil Painting

If you want to gift something completely different then, why not gift an Oil Painting that could be hanged, which looks really nice on the wall. Paint on a canvas, try out bright colors along with writing your Birthday wishes.

A Wall Hanging Oil Painting with a Ribbon

A Wall Hanging Oil Painting with a Ribbon- Design of your choice.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

Ancient Asian traditions hold that the lucky bamboo plant carries a special balance of Feng.Shui, attracting good fortune and well being to its environment. This could be a wonderful idea for gifting.

A Lucky Plant can do the wonder of bringing fortunes.

A Lucky Plant can do the wonder of bringing fortunes.

Birthday Cake

Without a Birthday cake, the birthday is incomplete. To make things more interesting and surprising, why not have some different cake rather than a normal cake. We have a cake like this, which we have in stock, we call it KitKat Cake.



A different cake than you expected -  Kit Kat Cake

A very different cake than you expected – Kit Kat Cake

Last but not the least, the gift wrapping should also be just awesome. It should  be very beautiful, like an expensive Jewelry is wrapper inside it. After you gift that to someone, he/she  should think whether to open it or not, while seeing the beautiful Gift wrap.

Presents That Are Just To Pretty To Unwrap

Presents That Are Just To Pretty To Unwrap

“It takes a beautiful heart to touch someone’s heart.”

Gifts should always touch heart.

If you like any of our gifts, please do make an order by commenting below or inbox us on our Facebook page to make someone’s Birthday Extra Super-Special.

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