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Dashain is the biggest festival of all the Nepali and Hindus. The first day of the biggest festival – DASHAIN, i.e. Ghatathapana is the planting day of JAMARA celebrated till the tenth day – TIKA.

This is the time to celebrate together with the family. Everyone must be in the mood to celebrate the Festive Season. We can see this daily scene in our neighborhood –  wives cleaning their houses, the husband buying all the necessary items for Dashain and the children busy going to the malls for buying new clothes and gadgets.

Dashain is the time for family gatherings when people meet during the tenth day of TIKA and enjoy forgetting their misunderstanding and building the bond of love and care.

It is the biggest festival of Nepal, why not celebrate at large and take the opportunity to live, love and gift in the busy life and enjoy every moments of it.

“Every celebration is incomplete without a Gift.”

And, Here’s what I’m going to do – Finding the perfect gift for this Festive Season!!

1. Traditionally, People carry MASALA as a token of gift during the 10th day while receiving Tika from their elders.

Traditional Dashain Masala

2. The sculpture of Ganesha certainly brings good fortune and good energy to the family.

Ganesha as a good Feng Shui (good engergy)

3. CHANGA i.e. Kite is the favorite among all.

Changa Chet Wall Hanging Painting

4. The best gifts come from heart and not just any store.

Painting Capturing Memories

5. A Wall hanging Kite… Gifts matters.. choose wisely

handmade hanging kite

6. Love makes life go around but you can make it worthwhile with some fresh homemade chocolates.

Happiness is unexpected chocolates

7. Giving opens the way for receiving – Gift a Card Holder giving your best wishes.

Business Card A warm gesture scupture

8. Be smart – Use the weapon of Quit Smoking, Gift an Ashtray!

artistic elephant ashtray

9. A Tortoise is a symbol of bringing good luck to the other person.

Slow and Steady wins the race.

Slow and Steady wins the race.

10. FOUR FACES HEAD- Exchange such a gift that will make people smile, laugh, forgetting the sadness and anger in between. 

We are the same person with different moods


The best thing about Memories is making them.

That’s what we do!!