Lucky Bamboo Plant: A Sincere Gift

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The quality of Gifts Depends Upon the Sincerity of the Giver

Lucky Bamboo Plant , according to the Ancient art of Feng Shui, the bamboo is filled with peace and wise full energy. The meaning of lucky bamboo plays an important role as a living example of the feng shui elements of wood, earth, water, fire,  and earth. It can introduce complete a balance of the five elements when placed correctly.

  • Wood – the stalks of the bamboo
  • Earth – the rocks or pebbles inside the container (best in shades of brown)
  • Water – where the bamboo grows
  • Fire – containers and stalks are tied with red ribbon or other adornment (this is thought to enhance the stalks)
  • Metal – a glass container is considered to be of the metal element. If glass is not used, a coin can often be found on the bottom of the container.

2 Stalked Lucky Bamboo Plant

Feng shui principles claim that bamboo attracts auspicious chi energy. Since the bamboo plant is strong, it can energize your home, office and it is an easy care plant. The meaning however is tied with the stalks of bamboo ties and the arrangements.

  • 1 Stalk – simplicity, meaningful life
  • 2 Stalks – best for luck in love and marriage representing Love
  • 3 Stalks – represents represent Fu (happiness), Lu (wealth), and Soh (long life).
  • 5 Stalks – represent every areas of life that brings wealth (e.g., spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and intuitive).
  • 6 Stalks – attracts prosperity and advantages to achieve greater wealth.
  • 7 Stalks – bestows good health.
  • 8 Stalks – represents growth, and also improves fertility
  • 9 Stalks – good fortune and over all luck whoever receives it
  • 10 Stalks – completion or perfection. Represents the sender wanting you to have everything in life.
  • 21 Stalks – represents a powerful all-purpose blessing for great wealth and health for you and your family


 Gifting Lucky Bamboo Plants

1 Stalk Lukcy Bamboo Plant

1 Stalk Lukcy Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo Plant can be a great gift to a anyone whom you wish to have good fortune, life and positive engery to work. Lucky plant can give hamony in your home and office. It can be gifted as:

Business Gift:

The history of bamboo plant goes to ancient China to give as gift for centuries. It signifies good relationship between two business. It can be a great gift for opening ceremony, new ventures.


A good time to give some a bamboo plant is for wedding, wishing a long life, fortune and happy relationship

 Get Well Soon Gifts

For the quick recovery of sick people, it can be a good gift.

Receiving this plant as a gives increases the good luck. So this Dashain and Tihar why don’t you gift give Lucky Bamboo Plant as Dakshina. It can be a great gift to the brother as Bhai Tika is done for long life of brother, as Lucky Bamboo Plant represents the same.

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AdmaLucky Bamboo Plant: A Sincere Gift