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Well, Not to me. Now, you can SAY THANKS to your as many friends as you can with the help of newly launched web application by Facebook, “SAY THANKS”.

This new Facebook app is so easy to use and within a few click you can make one-minute video.

ASK HOW?? Follow these two simple steps:

1. Log on to

2. Select a friend from your list. A video will be created and it will be ready to SHARE.

Hey Roshani


To create the video after selecting a friend, firstly there are two video themes from which you can choose one.

Say Thanks Theme


Then, you can select the pictures that best captures the moments of you with your friend. You can select the photos from Facebook or even unload your own.

Finally, Facebook prepares a preview of the video and if you are happy with that you can SHARE with your best buddy. The video will be posted to your timeline along with an option to tag your friend. You can also customize who can see and who cannot, like your other normal posts.

Timeline Video Post

Isn’t this so easy? What are you waiting for?

SAY THANKS and Make a friend smile today!!! Smile The best thing about memories is making them and even awesome thing is to capture it Smile


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