Every Day Is a Miracle

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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.”  – Albert Einstein Everything around us that we have or see is a miracle. God has gifted us with the most beautiful thing in the world that is our life, the ability to love others and …

AdmaEvery Day Is a Miracle

Irresistible Homemade Chocolates

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“CHOCOLATE IS THE KEY TO THE HAPPINESS.” Chocolates are the best friend of every child. They find unexpected happiness when they get a box full of chocolates. “Chocolate makes everything better.” Girls would forget love and rather fall for chocolate. They are happy when they have it, also feed on them to erase their sorrows. I remember a funny joke …

admaIrresistible Homemade Chocolates

Happy Gifts for BOOK LOVERS

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“A Book is a gift that you can open again and again” – Garrison Keillor A book is always a perfect gift that you can give at any time. If the other person is a book lover then there is no better gift than a book written by his/her favorite writer. Selecting books can be a hard choice to make, …

AdmaHappy Gifts for BOOK LOVERS


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This life is a gift to us from our parents and God. There is so much to give to others and make a tiny little deposits in our emotional banks. Happiness is the real purpose behind everything we do. Children study hard to make their parents feel proud of them. Adults toil day and night to make a good career and …


68th Independence Day 2014

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It’s another birthday of the independent India. Happy 68th Independence Day to our neighboring country. Every 15th of August is celebrated as Independence Day by every Indian after the India got it freedom from the British Rule on this day of year, 1947.

adma68th Independence Day 2014

Why do people LOVE LIFE and HATE DEATH?

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The answer is simple: “BECAUSE LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL LIE AND DEATH IS A PAINFUL TRUTH”. When you visit our Facebook page or our blog, you would see our tagline… “We Love You To Share Your Moments With Us” We have been posting happy news celebrating different culture’s festivals, friendship day ad many more. But yesterday, one of our fans …

AdmaWhy do people LOVE LIFE and HATE DEATH?

Festival of Cow: Gai Jatra

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We are “Always Decorating Moments Alive”. We, Nepali are rich in our culture and traditions. We have festivals throughout the year, celebrated by people of different caste. We respect every religion. Gai Jatra is one of the famous festivals celebrated in Kathmandu Valley by Hindus (Newar) during the month of August and September. “Gai” means Cows and “Jatra” means festival …

admaFestival of Cow: Gai Jatra

Janai Purnima and Rakshya Bandhan

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Janai Purnima & Rakshya Bandhan We know why ADMA is for? We want to celebrate every moments. We love every religion, every festival. Today, it is a full moon and the day is Shawan 8, 2071 BS (August 10, 2014). Toda is Janai Purnima (Full Moon Day) or Rashya Bandhan. It is a festival observed by Hindus all over the …

AdmaJanai Purnima and Rakshya Bandhan

Spread Happiness On August 3

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“Friendship picks you up when the world lets you down.” So, what are your plans to make your friends feel the most special in this friendship day? Good Friends are like the stars. You don’t see them but you know that they are always there. Just like the cold wind blows, friends are the ones who always refresh and re-energize …

admaSpread Happiness On August 3